What is the Recovery Like for a Traditional Lumbar Fusion Surgery? (Midline Incision, Removal of Muscle, Bone Ligaments and Exposure of Nerve)

Traditional lumbar fusion surgery is a critical intervention for patients with severe spinal conditions that have not responded to less invasive treatments. This procedure can offer significant relief...
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What is the Recovery Like Between the Various Lumbar Surgical Options?

Undergoing lumbar surgery is a significant decision that can greatly improve quality of life for those suffering from severe back pain or leg pain, numbness, weakness, or tingling. However, understand...
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What Are the Benefits & Risks of Lumbar Decompression Surgery?

There are two ways to decompress the nerve roots of the lumbar spine. The traditional open surgery, which was my only option for patients for 30 years, is very invasive and involves extensive dissecti...
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How Does Minuteman Device Help With Lower Back Pain & Stenosis?

In the world of spinal health, finding effective treatments that offer minimal invasiveness and rapid recovery is important for patients suffering from conditions like lumbar spinal stenosis and radic...
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Does Minuteman Surgery Limit My Surgical Options Later?

Degeneration of the spine is a natural part of the aging process, leading to conditions that can significantly impact quality of life. Boise neurosurgeon Dr. Tim Johans explores the nature of spinal d...
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Back Hurts & Legs Tingle, Feel Weak or Numb? Consider Minuteman As a Minimally Invasive Alternative to Laminectomy and Fusion

For patients dealing with the effects of low back pain and lumbar spinal stenosis, the journey towards relief often seems daunting. While effective at helping leg pain, traditional fusion surgery come...
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What are the Goals of Neck Surgery?

When it comes to neck surgery, the objectives are clear: alleviate pain, numbness, or tingling in the arm, and restore as much function, sensation and strength as possible, and ensure the stability of...
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When to Consider Surgery for Neck & Arm Pain?

If you’ve been experiencing unrelieved arm pain for six weeks or ANY numbness or weakness, it’s time to consult with Dr. Johans. Deciding when to consider surgery for shoulder and arm pain is a h...
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When Should You See a Doctor For Neck & Arm Pain, Weakness or Numbness?

Experiencing arm pain, weakness, or numbness can be concerning and disruptive to daily life, leading many to wonder when it's time to seek medical attention. Dr. Tim Johans, a distinguished neuros...
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Is It Normal To Feel Pain After Cervical Disc Replacement?

Feeling nervous about postoperative pain following cervical disc replacement is common among patients. Dr. Tim Johans, a seasoned neurosurgeon in Boise, often addresses these concerns in his appointme...
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