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Dr. Johans is the only neurosurgeon that I would recommend to my friends, family and anyone else that asked! Dr. Johans did an amazing job listening to my concerns and explaining "why" I needed the procedure. Dr. Johans and his staff (Megan & Kelly) are the best!!

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I see 100% of my patients,
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Meghan Galloway

Meghan Galloway, PA-C

I am a board certified Physician Assistant and will be involved in your clinic visits, hospital stay, and in your operation as Dr. Johan’s assistant. My favorite part of my job is patient education and follow-up care.

Kelly Roberts

Kelly Roberts

I will be the first person to greet you at the clinic and show you to an exam room. In addition, I will work with you directly to schedule and coordinate all your visits as well as be the point of contact for your insurance and referral physicians.

Some Insurances Require Referrals

Is your insurance covered?

We try to help everyone, but different insurance companies have different policies. We also work with patients without health insurance. Please, be ready to answer questions about it when you contact us.

The Neurosurgeon You Can Trust


When surgery is necessary, we sit with each patient to discuss the goals, risks and benefits of the operation.


We make every attempt to treat the condition without surgery and perform the most minimally invasive option.

What Sets Dr. Johans Apart

  • Comforting and professional environment to explore your treatment options
  • Timely and accurate diagnosis
  • Every attempt to treat the condition without surgery
  • Sit with you to discuss the goals, risks and benefits of the operation
  • Prescribe appropriate medications
  • Promptly respond to your questions

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